How ordering your beef works:   Getting a whole, ½ or ¼ Grass Fed Beef from Cook’s Creek Ranch

Buying beef from us is like having your own personal butcher.  It can be a small as ¼ beef that will take up a small amount of freezer space, or a ½ or whole beef which is your best value.  Whole and ½  can be processed to your specifications. Our beef is sold per pound of Hanging Weight. This is the weight of the beef after everything has been removed but meat and bone.  Please see our FAQ page for a complete explanation and estimate of what the beef will weigh. Our pricing is simple, one price, no hidden charges.  Our ¼ beef is $3.75 per pound, ½ beef is $3.50 per pound and whole beef is $3.50 per pound. That price is for processing, vacuum packed and frozen. All we need is a $50 deposit to get things started.

We’ll get in touch with you to confirm your order

Once the slaughter date is determined your beef will dry age for 14 days prior to processing. We will let you know the hanging weight of your beef and what the final payment will be.

You can pay securely by credit card or PayPal online. An invoice will be sent to you. You can also pay by check or cash or by credit card swipe in person.

You can pick your beef up at the Butcher Block in Cross Plains or if you are local, I can deliver your order to you.

Free shipping within 50 mile radius of Cross Plains, TX. 

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