Our Mission:  To raise the best, healthiest grass fed beef possible and provide all our cattle a humane environment to thrive in.


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About Us

Cook’s Creek Ranch was established in 2012 by Jim and Patricia Cook.  We started out with five crossbred cows and a fence jumping Hereford bull. After a couple of years of raising and selling calves, we decided to change course and started raising a smaller breed of cattle.  We sold our large cattle and started over.  We purchased a registered Mini Hereford bull named Flash and a couple of Mini Hereford cows.  While searching of other types of smaller breeds we discovered American Aberdeen Angus cattle.  Formerly known as Lowline Angus.  We purchased six Aberdeen cows from different sellers.  The sellers were in the business of selling processed Angus beef.  The smaller breed was so popular with consumers that the sellers were having a difficult time raising cattle fast enough for the demand.  The smaller size and docile nature of these cattle make them a joy to work with.  So that’s where we are today.  Raising pasture raised grass fed beef.